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Iq option maximum investment - Fx binary touch options

Frequent Revivals Mark Yale’s History

God only waits for those who will call upon Him in contriteness of spirit—to call upon His name, that now as in ages past, He might bring about His purposes.

Today the average Yale undergraduate goes through college thinking that Yale has always been more or less what it is now. Yale’s history will show that for the great majority of its 300+ years, Yale was thoroughly different from what it is today.

Yale was first envisioned by John Davenport, who founded New Haven in 1638, intending to “drive things in the first essay as near to the precept and pattern of Scripture as they could be driven.” This Christian colony soon set aside land for a college “to fit youth … for the service of God in Church and Commonwealth.” more….

Iq option maximum investment - Fx binary touch options

Old Campus with the original Dwight Hall, founded in 1886

From the day it was dedicated, October 17, 1886, the original Dwight Hall building was a central meeting place—a home—for Yale students intent on transforming their campus, New Haven and beyond in the name of Jesus Christ.

Dwight Hall stirred with activity in the years from 1886 to around 1920. On Sunday evenings at Dwight Hall, anywhere from two hundred to five hundred men gathered to hear brief talks on Biblical teachings. There were also prayer meetings and committees for home missions and foreign missions. Students involved themselves with City Rescue Missions and Boys’ Clubs to help meet New Haven’s spiritual and social needs. more….

Special Report by Marena Fisher

Iq option maximum investment - Fx binary touch options

Right sympathies, and bad scholarship, have disfigured and falsified Timothy Dwight’s stance on slavery. The record, freed of arbitrary truncation and misplaced persons, makes this plain.

According to the recent report, “Yale, Slavery and Abolition,” nine of the Yale’s twelve residential colleges are named for men who either owned slaves or gave public support to slavery. Among the accused stands Timothy Dwight the elder (President of Yale 1795-1817), for whom both Timothy Dwight College and Dwight Hall are partly named. more….

The Yale Standard

Welcome to the Yale Standard website! Our purpose is to uncover and present the rich spiritual underpinnings of the Ivy League, especially Yale and Columbia Universities. We consider that the love of the truth, the original central theme of the Ivy League, must be restored to its central place. In the Ivy League’s past and present, that yearning for truth has always conduced to the knowledge of God, and His Son, Jesus Christ. We aim to make known His works in Ivy League believers, past and present. We encourage believers in Jesus to walk in the full scope of their calling on these campuses. We will cordially invite inquirers to examine the clear record and evidence of God’s work on these campuses through those that have served Him.
Please write us! Letters and submissions are welcome. Copies of print editions are also available.

Biographies      go to all Biographies
Bill Borden: Challenge to a Consecrated Life – He was only 25 at his death, yet his life was one of great impact. When news of his death was cabled from Egypt, Princeton Seminary declared, “No young man of his age has ever given more to the service of God and humanity!”
>Living with All His Might: Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening – Jonathan Edwards was a gentle man who through a lifelong labor of pastoral service quietly established himself as a towering giant in Christian history and Christian thought.
Benjamin Silliman: Father of American Science – Silliman believed that not science but only God’s word could reveal God’s mercy. “In Nature, in God’s creation, we discover only laws, [but] there is associated with natural laws no system of mercy; that dispensation is not revealed in Nature, and is contained in the Scriptures alone.”
Horace Tracy Pitkin: Yale’s First Martyr – Horace Tracy Pitkin lived thirty years. Yet from the time he entered Yale as a freshman in 1888 until 1900 when he died as a martyr in China, Pitkin accomplished more in “twelve glorious years of crowded life” than most people do in a lifetime.
Spiritual Issues      go to all Spiritual Issues
Power to Become a Son of God – When God is central in a human life, there is a steadiness and “a peace that passes understanding.
The Hope That Never Fails – “If I lift up my eyes to the hills, where shall I find help? Help comes only from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:1-2.
Histories      go to all Histories
Decision on Mount Hermon – To a generation resigned to an “every man for himself” approach to life, the immediate outcome of the Mount Hermon Conference may seem strange, though the actions taken were simple enough. By its close, 100 young men had decided to give their lives away in the bright New England summer of 1886.
The Making of Paradise – Meet an orphaned Hawaiian, Henry Obookiah, who came to the doorstep of Yale, and wept. He never returned to Hawaii, but Hawaii would never be the same….
When Moody Thrilled Yale – Dwight L. Moody and Ira Sankey were well-known revivalists, seeking to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to New Haven. The college took full part in the effort to bring the evangelists to the area.
The Long Difficult Birthing – If the New Haven colony were to prosper in faithful service to God, a college was needed, not simply to train ministers, but, in Davenport’s own words, “to fit youth . . . for the service of God in church and commonwealth.”
Freshmen Who Changed Yale – Over the years, thousands of freshmen have come to Yale. Some have left an indelible mark on the university.
Frequent Revivals Mark Yale’s History – Yale’s history will show that for the great majority of its 300+ years, Yale was thoroughly different from what it is today.
Sovereign Ambush: Four Decades of the Yale Standard – If there ever were a blessed disruption, it would be God’s calling breaking into the consciousness of a young man or woman.