Current Topics

Beer Bash or Pentecost? – …There is a high like no other, with never a letdown or a swordsharp afterkick. First, a look at binge drinking in clear-sighted reality. Alcohol abuse—and binge drinking in particular—are plainly serious problems at Yale and many other campuses.
God and Man and Monkey at Yale – Academia and the media usually view Darwin’s theory of evolution as a fact, a concept so thoroughly established as to be beyond serious challenge. Yet in an Introductory Biology class, when the professor asked: “How many here believe that God created man?” just a few hands went up. He then said, “I have to admit that it takes as much faith to believe in evolution as it does to believe that God created man.”
What’s Wrong With Atheism? – It may surprise many people that God has a lot to say about atheism. Throughout its pages, the Bible affirms again and again one fundamental truth: atheism as a condition results from a deliberate choice of the heart, rather than from purported loyalty to open-minded intellectual inquiry.
New Historicism: Revisionism as Dogma – [based on actual correspondence] I have a question for you, or frustration with academia. I am taking a seminar this semester in minority groups and am finding that it is a very political topic and that the questions that seem to interest scholars are the construction of ethnic identity and questions of who is oppressing whom. But there is something that bothers me about the way that colonialism and imperialism are over-used to criminalize any majority or powerful group. Does this make sense? Any thoughts?
A Heart for Abortion’s Lost – As students we face many decisions while at Yale. Some are imminently important and demand our best attention, while others seem less consequential. One of the gravest to handle is how to counsel a friend who is considering an abortion.