A Christian’s Fight Song

A Christian’s Fight Song

(To the tune of a Yale fight song)

Goodbye to condemnation;
Farewell to misery.
Adieu, accusation,
Begone, for now I’m free!

My old man has been crucified
With Christ at Calvary;
I’m risen to new life with Him,
I live His victory!

So I’ll stand up to the enemy;
I’ll hold the line against my foes.
Stand firm through ev’ry day,
Defying all their woes.
For in the end, they’re a bag of wind
Which must deflate with one loud pop!
They may do all their worst;
Still their bubble must burst
And through the Lord I’ll prevail!

So… so long, depression,
Frustration, I resign…
Hit the road now rebellion;
It’s long past your time.

Self-pity, sayonara,
And sadness, toodle-oo!
I’m loving life with Jesus,
And there’s no more room for you.

© 1998, Jaan E. Vaino,
used with permission.